Who We Are

Women Of Lot Feeding (WOLF) is a not for profit organisation which has been developed by women who are currently working in the lot feeding industry, for women who are involved in the industry. The aim of this organisation is to create and maintain a network of passionate women within the lot feeding sector by providing inspiration, support and opportunity to help pave the way for sustainable careers in the Australian lot feeding industry.

Amanda Moohen is the founder of Women of Lot Feeding. It all started with her participation in the Graeme Acton Beef Connections program. She quickly roped in a few other like minded women – Janeta Falknau (Kerwee Feedlot), Rozzie O’Reilly (Kerwee Feedlot) and Georgia Sloss (Wonga Plains Feedlot).

The committee members have come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Janeta has been involved in the feedlot industry for the past 15 years within small family managed companies and large corporate companies. For the past 4 years Janeta has been the Livestock Supervisor at Kerwee feedlot. Rozzie has completed a Bachelor of Animal Science at the University of New England in 2014. Over the past two years Rozzie has been working hard to learn the ways of the Beef Supply Chain at Kerwee feedlot and has been promoted to Feedmill Supervisor. While Georgia has worked part time within the industry for three years and now is full time at Camm Agricultural Group. Amanda has been working at Camm Agricultural Group for the past seven years, she has been the Office Manager for 3 of those years and recently become the Corporate Manager.

Before the creation of Women of Lot Feeding there were no groups for women to discuss the personal issues they face or to gain knowledge of others experiences. Women of Lot Feeding strives to advance, support and recognise women’s involvement, achievements and contributions in our industry.