Past Events

In March of 2015 Women of Lot Feeding launched its very first event. A High Tea function held at Jimbour House, Jimbour, Queensland. It was a huge success with roughly 150 people in attendance! There was three keynote speakers who are all from very diverse backgrounds. Who all sat on a Question and Answer panel with two Women of Lot Feeding members. There was also many lucky door and raffle prizes won.

Tess Herbert – Sponsored by Bovine Dynamics

Tess has extensive experience in the Australian lot feeding industry; she became a director of Gundamain feedlot in 2002, Coonamble feedlot in 2005 and Ladysmith feedlot in 2010. In addition, she joined the Australian Lot Feeders Association (ALFA) as a Director in 2008, became Vice President in 2013, and most recently was elected as the current ALFA president in 2015.

Jordan Peach – Sponsored by Zoetis

Jordan has a broad range of experience in the beef industry. He currently manages the Mort & Co Grassdale Feedlot team, which is comprised of around 70 people. In this role he oversees all aspects of the daily feedlot operations, as well as manages and schedules resources and projects. Jordan was awarded the ALFA Young Lot Feeder Achiever Award in 2012.

Susan Bower – Sponsored by BEC Feed Solutions

Susan is a driven and passionate advocate for Australian agriculture and agribusiness, with strong knowledge, experience and skills across the financial services industry and agriculture. On top of being involved in numerous industry initiatives, she is currently Head of Agribusiness, Australian Financial


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